Exact Ventures is an independent market intelligence firm with the objective of creating unbiased, enduring benchmarks for measuring market shares and understanding and quantifying market transitions and market opportunities within its coverage areas of technical networking, telecommunications, and wireless markets.

Our work is a reflection of our passion for technology, analytics, accuracy, and adding value to our clients. Strict attention to detail in how the market analytics are computed, how they are presented, and how they are communicated is paramount to the value that is delivered to clients. Analysis is supported by facts and, where assumptions are made, the methodology is clear and well supported.

Information sources include the following:

Primary research

  • Surveys, interviews, and briefings with vendors
  • Interviews and briefings with service providers
  • Interviews and briefings with component suppliers

Secondary research

  • Vendor financial statements, earnings calls, investor presentations
  • Service provider financial statements, key performance indicators, earnings calls, and investor and technology presentations
  • Demographic data
  • Economic, government, and regulatory data

Our expertise

  • Market sizing and forecasting
  • Custom market analysis
  • Pricing model and price elasticity analysis
  • Technology and market white papers

News and reports

We regularily publish news and reports that document the changing face of the telecommunications market place.

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Who we are

An independent market intelligence firm with the objective to create unbiased, enduring benchmarks for measuring market shares...

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