Published: 03/11/2017
Author: Greg Collins, Exact Ventures

In 2Q17, the PCRF market rose 15% on a sequential basis, and 21% year-over-year, to $294 M. The sequential increase was due to seasonal strength while the year-over-year increase was due to increased VoLTE related shipments, especially from Asia Pacific. Sustained demand for more traditional billing and charging use-cases also helps to drive the growth in the market. For the full-year 2016, the PCRF market grew 22% to $934. We continue to forecast that market growth will slow slightly to 19% in 2017 and that the market will reach $1.1 B. Please note that these revenues do not include services, like installation, network planning, outsourcing, consulting and other professional services. The inclusion of these service revenues would add another 40-50% to the total sizeĀ of the market.

PCRF chart 2Q17